Jessie Bower Music


Upcoming performances

  • Sat Mar 30th "jess and Tay" hosting and event in Bethany Ont.
  • Sun Mar 31st TBA @0945
  • Sun Apr 07th @7pm "Jess and Tay" Women in music showcase @67 Front St T.O
  • Tues 09 Apr @9pm "Jess and Tay" @The Coral centre Oshawa
  • Friday 12 Apr @9pm "Jess and tay" @ The Coral centre Oshawa 
  • Fri April 26 @8pm "Jess and Tay" at the Springtide Music festival Uxbridge
  • May 6-12 "Jess and Tay" Canadian Music week event TBA
  • Fri May 10 @9pm "Jess and Tay" at the Coach and Lantern, Ancaster
  • Sat June 10th @ TBA "Jess and Tay" at Falcon Brewing  Ajax
  • Sat June 8th @ TBA "Jess and Tay" at Bowmanville Rib fest